David Asscherick

David Asscherick is the Lead Pastor of the Kingscliff Church. He is also the co-founder of ARISE and a sought after speaker the world over. He is the author of God in Pain: Another Look at Evil, Suffering, and the Cross. He is passionate about the local church and its unique ability to impact the world and can often be heard saying, “the local church is where it’s at!” He enjoys climbing, cycling, hiking, bird watching, photography, traveling, and reading. David and his wife of 18 years, Violeta, are the proud parents of two wonderful teenage boys, Landon and Jabel. They’ve been at the Kingscliff Church since 2014. 


Lynden Parmenter

Lynden Parmenter serves at Kingscliff as the Executive Pastor: overseeing staff, finances, facilities and the media department. He joins the team after 30 years in various executive roles and church administration. In addition, Lynden is the coordinator for ARISE Australia, which is an intense, 15 week personal ministry program. He is the most recent addition to the Kingscliff team and believes ‘There is no time like now, to be fully immersed in God’s work’ and to share the good news of a loving saviour. Married to wife Jo, they have three lovely daughters: Tessa, Lily and Leila. Whilst spare time is rare, he can sometimes be found in the waves off the Kingscliff coast, one of the benefits of our coastal location.


Jonathon Nilon

Jonathon Nilon is the Media Director of the Kingscliff Church. He went through the ARISE program in 2014 after finishing high school at Tweed Valley Adventist College. He then studied a Bachelor of Film and Television and graduated in 2016. He is passionate about engaging young people in church life, reaching out to them with his God given talents. He is an avid fisherman, skier, screenwriter and creative, yet finds more enjoyment in simply spending time with friends and family.


Tammi Elsner

Tammi Elsner is the secretary of Kingscliff SDA Church, and has fulfilled this role since 2010. She has a background in administrative roles and office management, and is passionate about serving her church community. Tammi enjoys traveling but says it’s really the beautiful people who make a place memorable. She also enjoys gardening, cooking, swimming, home renovations, and time with her family. As an American-Australian, Tammi has called Australia home since 2002, and has also attended Kingscliff SDA Church with her family since then. She has been married to her husband Michael for 25 years, and they have two children, Nathan and Katie.



Bri Millist is the Communications Leader at Kingscliff Church. She has a Master’s Degree in information services, and is currently working as a youth and children’s librarian. She grew up in a missionary family, serving in South America, Africa, and Papua New Guinea, where she met her husband, Linden. She enjoys traveling, reading, painting, and spending time with family and friends. Her desire is to help facilitate a church community that excels at communication and outreach.