Here at Kingscliff Church, we love Saturdays—the biblical Sabbath. As Seventh-day Adventists, and Bible-believing Christians, we keep the Sabbath in obedience to the fourth commandment of the Ten Commandments. What that looks like for us is meeting for Bible study (called Sabbath School) and worshipping on Saturday mornings. Most Sabbaths, our worship service is followed by a vegetarian “fellowship meal.” Yeah, we like to hang out and eat great food with great company. Don’t you? Then it could be a nature walk, singing songs, visiting the sick, or just some good old-fashioned family time.

Why don't you join us this Saturday? 


9:30 am - Sabbath School

Sabbath School groups range from ages 0-100+. We are a community passionate about the study and practice of Scripture. Every week we meet to learn more about Jesus Christ in Scripture in our Sabbath Schools, which are usually about 10-20 people.



11:00am - Church Service

Our worship service is built around praising our amazing and gracious God! We focus on three basic things: praise, prayer, and preaching. We love to sing and pray together. When it comes to sermons, we’re blessed with a pastoral staff that are gifted and sought-after public communicators. Our sermons are recorded every week and watched and listened to by thousands. We have recently partnered with the Hope Channel to broadcast our Sabbath sermons all over the world. We’re super excited to have a local church with a global impact for Jesus! 



Every month we have a combined lunch together after the church service. Check out our calendar to see if there is a lunch on this Saturday. Everyone is welcome to join us!



 Address - 85 Phillip St, Chinderah NSW 2487