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Please read our Music Ministry Handbook. This handbook is designed to inspire each of us to reflect and prayerfully consider our motives and desires for being part of the music ministry at the Kingscliff Seventh-day Adventist Church. We also want to ensure that all those involved in the music ministry are walking together in agreement regarding our purpose, and what is expected of every member. This isn’t just about music, it’s also about ministry.


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As a member of the worship community at Kingscliff Seventh-day Adventist Church, I commit myself to the following values and guidelines: - I am committed to the Kingscliff Seventh-day Adventist church, its leaders, mission, teachings and ethos, and to the worship values it holds. - I commit myself to spiritual growth and maturity. As a follower of Christ, I am determined to run the race set before me and to pursue the Son of God with passion and devotion - I am committed to musical growth. This means I intend to develop my vocal and/or instrumental talents through both individual and team practice. - I am open to attending seminars/workshops/meetings in order to learn and enhance my abilities. - I will demonstrate respect to my teammates by coming to rehearsals prepared and on time on the dates I am scheduled. I will communicate with the worship leader if for some reason I am unable to attend, giving as much notice to the worship leader as possible. - I commit to spiritually preparing myself to come to services in order to be effective in leading others in worship. This includes praying for the services, worship leader and other team members, confessing known sins and asking God to prepare my heart for ministry. - I commit myself to valuing every member on the team. I desire to serve in humility making every effort to keep the unity of the Spirit by looking out for the best interest and well being of others on the team. - I will seek to resolve conflicts with other team members according to the principles found in Matthew 18:15-20 in order to prevent the enemy from getting a foothold in my life. - I will welcome in and help mentor new team members. I have read through the Music Ministry Handbook and I understand that by participating in the Worship Ministry Team, it is implied that I meet the requirements for Worship Team participants, agree with the vision & purpose of the Worship Ministry, and agree with the ongoing expectations for Worship Team participants as outlined in the handbook.