Kingscliff Church hosts the Red Cross Blood Bus once a quarter here on the church grounds on a Sabbath morning. We see this as a great opportunity to give back to our local community. The Red Cross slogan is, "It only takes an hour to give blood, but it can save someone's life." The blood we give goes to hospital patients who have cancer, blood disease, anaemia, or trauma as a result of accidents. Just one donation can save 3 lives! The truth is you just never know when you'll be on the receiving side of needing someone else's donated blood! 

And, really, when you think about it, the Gospel is all about life-giving blood—the blood of Jesus Christ shed on the cross! Blood saved then, and blood still saves today. No wonder the old hymn says, "There's power in the blood." 

One Sabbath (Saturday) per quarter (so, four times a year) church members and local community members have the opportunity to give blood and share a fantastic vegetarian meal together. Win, win!

Find out when the bus is with us next and sign up to give blood by clicking the button below! We encourage early sign ups so we don't have to go looking for willing donors on Sabbath morning. Our preference is that every spot is already booked in before the bus even arrives, and we've managed to do that a couple times. We'd love for it be our regular practice! Won't you help us make that a reality for their next visit? Thank you!