Kingscliff SDA Church Congratulates the ARISE graduation Class for 2018

This year’s ARISE graduation marked the completion of our 6th successful year at the Kingscliff SDA Church. We had 44 graduates for 2018 making it our largest class ever in Australia. A congregation of 400 supporters were there to witness a day of celebration for all the hard work that each student put into the course. There was much joy but also some tears as students said their farewells. The day was a real testament to how quickly this group of people bonded over the 15 weeks.

Over the years, interest in ARISE has been steadily growing and we now have the welcome problem of being at full capacity. As a result, some applicants had to be turned away this year. We are hopeful that they will be available to attend our next course in 2019.  Like each previous class we had students attend from all parts of the globe. Countries including South Africa, USA, Sweden, Germany, Finland, New Zealand and our first ever student from Japan. Equally exciting was the fact that half the class came from within our own conference.

There were many highlights from the program but the clearest was the decision that many made to continue in dedicated ministry for the remainder of the year. 28 students have signed up for the ARISE For Life program and will commence full time bible work this weekend. Another six students will travel to Zambia as missionaries to work in a school, orphanage and wellness centre. It is always exciting to witness the changes in each student’s life and the impact they go on to have for God’s kingdom. And this year’s class looks like it will be no exception. I am grateful for my own personal experience as the co-ordinator for the first time, and I was thoroughly blessed to be involved in the program.

Lynden Parmenter



ARISE is a discipleship and training ministry founded by our senior pastor, David Asscherick, and his friend and colleague, Pastor Nathan Renner, in 2002. It has run every year since then, training more than a thousand disciples of Jesus in its fifteen-week program. In 2011, ARISE partnered with Lightbearers to make the program better than ever and even give it a new name: The Story. The Story moves through seven "chapters" which are steeped in the biblical narrative: Pre-creation, Creation, Fall, Covenant, Messiah, Church, and Re-creation. You can expect a life-changing full immersion experience in biblical fellowship, study, and ministry. Class size is typically 35-45 students and space is limited. ARISE runs two sessions a year: September—November in Jasper, Oregon, USA and February—April in Kingscliff, NSW, Australia. To learn more about ARISE, click on the button below.

In 2017, after many years of dreaming, planning, and working, ARISE launched its ARISE Online program which makes over 200 hours of in-class instruction available in an online platform. This is a game-changing innovation for ARISE! In the very first ARISE Online cohort more than 400 students enrolled from 36 countries! ARISE Online can be used by individuals, families, schools, local churches, conferences, and more. Now you can attend the whole Story program without having to travel to one of our onsite campuses! To learn more about ARISE Online, click the button below.