“Doing Life Together” 

Life groups are just what they sound like: groups that do life together. Our goal is for every member to be actively involved in church through a Life Group. Life Groups meet regularly for a fellowship meal on Sabbaths, where all church visitors are welcome. Each Life Group is headed up by a local church leader (called an elder) who stays in touch with his/her Life Group regularly for support, prayer, or just a friendly catch up. Another role of a Life Group is to serve our community. Our Life Groups each have service projects that they run, so that our focus isn’t just inwards, but outwards. In an ever-growing church, Life Groups are our way of staying in touch. We think of it as many small churches inside our bigger church. We didn’t want to have to choose between a small, connected, and intimate church and a church that was growing, evangelistic, and welcoming. So we formed Life Groups. We’re “doing life together” and we’d love to have you join us!