Flowers for You is a ministry we began in November 2017 and it's not very complicated, really. We simply:

  1. Turn up on the first Sunday of every month with beautiful bouquets of flowers in hand.
  2. Walk into our local hospital full of people in need.
  3. Ask nurses on each ward if there is anyone in particular in their care who could really do with some extra cheer and encouragement.
  4. Walk in and deliver our bouquet with a heart full of love and a smile on our face.

See, simple! Just how we like it.

We have found the response beyond overwhelming thus far and are very excited about the possibilities moving forward. There are many more hospitals in the area and we'd love to see this ministry expand. 

Already, we have been branded “the flower angels” and the nurses and other staff have been so moved by the sentiment. We purposefully leave no specific contact details on the card beyond the phrase:

Something to brighten your day.
From your friends at the Kingscliff Seventh-day Adventist church

Inspite of this, we have had relatives look us up and seek us out to relay their deep gratitude. There have already been prayers prayed and tears shed with both those who believe and those who don't. Because flowers, like food, are something everyone can appreciate and smile about.

We are so thankful to those who financially contribute and to those who assist with making up the bunches of flowers and who also turn up on delivery day. With continuity—the first Sunday of every month at 10am—we are convinced the seeds of God's love will be planted and sprout in an eternal harvest!

It's a simple, effective way to be God's hands and feet to our little corner of the world. And what an example to our precious children who delightfully ask, “when are we going to give flowers to sick people again?”

If you live somewhere else, and can't join our Flowers for You ministry, here's an idea: start one of your own in your community! We hope you do!