Encamped on the desert floor, God's people Israel were fresh from Egyptian bondage and tyranny. Moses then hears from the LORD, but the message is new and strange:

"Take from among you an offering to the Lord. Whoever is of a willing heart, let him BRING IT as an offering to the Lord: gold, silver and bronze" - Exodus 35: 5

This was to be an offering of the purest materials and with the purest of intentions. They were to bring gold, scarlet thread, acacia wood and the finest oils and spices, but only if it was given from a willing heart. What made this request so strange was who the LORD was asking. The nation of Israel were very recently emancipated slaves! Their service had been rewarded with hardship, their toil with the whip. There had been no annual bonuses of gold and no overtime pay in fine oils. Where would a people so poor ever find these materials to bring in response to such a call for offerings? Furthermore, even if a people so poor for so long did have these gifts to bring, how could they bring them willingly, and from the heart, when an uncertain future lay ahead? What happened next was amazing! The gifts started coming and didn't stop. They just kept coming and coming! The children of Israel gave willingly from the heart until they had to be restrained from giving because the materials they had brought were more than sufficient for the work. Before the LORD makes a call, He makes provision. So it was then, so it is today.

The Kingscliff Seventh-Day Adventist Church is embarking on a giving journey to see our church ministries not only grow and succeed locally, but to impact the global community. Yes, we're thinking big, really BIG. In order to do this, we have set two goals: one, to renovate and extend our church facilities to accommodate membership growth; and two, to continue building our global media ministry. To achieve these goals we need a united church to Bring It. Bring what? Our resources, skills, labour, enthusiasm, ideas, talents and the funds to make this happen.

The ministry passion and goals of the Kingscliff Seventh-Day Adventist church can be summed up in our Know, Grow, Go Mission Statement:

 Knowing God Personally, Growing with Him in Community, Going with Him in Ministry

Sound biblical and Christ-centered teaching from our pastoral team and the introduction of Growth Groups have provided opportunities for our church members to connect and grow in their relationship with God and each other.  Growth Groups and local ministries give members opportunities to 'Go' in ministry. However, our media ministry enables our church to fullfil the 'Go' part of the church’s mission on a greater, even global, scale! We broadcast our weekly church service, and other content-driven programs, to potentially hundreds of millions of viewers all around the globe on Hope Chanel International. There is a world out there in desperate need of the hope that only Jesus Christ can provide, and we need to come together in a profound and purpose-driven unity to share what we have (or better, Who has us!) with the rest of the world.  

 “We have nothing to fear for the future, except as we shall forget the way the Lord has led us, and His teaching in our past history.” - Ellen White


There are several ways to donate. You can simply donate with your credit card by clicking on either button below. Or, if you prefer, you can make a direct deposit to our local bank. Better yet, if you're in the area, we'd love to see you at church on Saturday morning where you can put your donation right into the offering bag with your very own hand! Whichever suits you best, we're just thrilled that you're choosing to Bring It! Note: Donations are not tax-deductible.  


Please note: normal credit card transaction fees will apply.  

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ACCOUNT NAME: Kingscliff Seventh-Day Adventist Church

BSB: 034 604

ACCOUNT: 132 966

LABEL: Refurb or Media

For international donors

Westpac SWIFT code: WPACAU2S

For those banks requiring an 11-character SWIFT code, use WPACAU2SXXX


If you are an Australian, the NNSW conference website,, provides another easy way for you to donate. Head over to the e-giving website by clicking on the button below and enter your preferred donation into the space provided next to either "Bring it- Media" or "Bring it- Refurb" and follow the prompts. It will allow you to donate in three ways: credit/debit card, BPAY or direct deposit.  


If you have a skill, qualification, or just a willingness to get your hands dirty, we would love to hear from you on how you can contribute to building and/or renovating the church campus. 


If you are interested and enthusiastic about cameras, lights, sound or anything to do with production, we'd love to hear about what you can bring to this ministry.  We are on the look out for experts in this area, as well as people who have a natural aptitude for operating technical equipment and are willing to learn and be involved. 

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